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  1. Deploying a Dockerized Node.js App onto Elastic Beanstalk with TeamCity

    Setting up a TeamCity deployment pipeline to AWS was a bit tricky so I'm putting it together here in case anyone runs into any issues as well or just need a guideline on how to do it. I won't go into what Docker as there are plenty of tutorials out…

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  2. Deploying a .NET Web Application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk through TeamCity

    Deploying to Elastic Beanstalk can be pretty simple if we prepare our AWS environment first. I'm using the Visual Studio AWS Toolkit which you can find in Extensions in Visual Studio. Deploy Using the ToolKit First we can deploy our application to Beanstalk provided we have the right permissions to…

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  3. Building A WiX Installer For A Windows Service In TeamCity

    Creating a Windows Service is fairly simple but then how do we properly deploy it and install it on the host machine? Perhaps it's not the developer who gets to install it on the hosting machine but somebody from a different department. We also want to be able to build…

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