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  1. Serverless Framework Authentication and Logging with AWS Cognito

    Over the past few days, I've spent some time re-assessing the Serverless Framework to see if it can help bootstrap new ventures in a faster way. The Previous Venture In my last venture for a major Australian bank, we used Auth0 for authentication and a series of Golang microservices on…

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  2. Running a Keras / TensorFlow Model in Golang

    Today we're looking at running inference / forward pass on a neural network model in Golang. If you're a beginner like me, using a framework like Keras, makes writing deep learning algorithms significantly easier. If you're very fresh to deep learning, please have a look at my previous post: Deep Learning,…

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  3. Deploying Docker Apps on Google Container Engine (GKE)

    It's 2017 and Google says they'll be deploying in Australia this year. That may not excite so many as we all seem to be vested in AWS here but I urge you to take another look. Specifically at the ease and usability of how we can take Docker into production.…

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