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  1. Deploying Docker Apps on Google Container Engine (GKE)

    It's 2017 and Google says they'll be deploying in Australia this year. That may not excite so many as we all seem to be vested in AWS here but I urge you to take another look. Specifically at the ease and usability of how we can take Docker into production.…

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  2. Deploying a Dockerized Node.js App onto Elastic Beanstalk with TeamCity

    Setting up a TeamCity deployment pipeline to AWS was a bit tricky so I'm putting it together here in case anyone runs into any issues as well or just need a guideline on how to do it. I won't go into what Docker as there are plenty of tutorials out…

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  3. RabbitMQ, FTP Microservice and Docker

    I decided to make a quick video on a microservice written in Scala and Akka working with a RabbitMQ message broker and a Pure FTPD service both running inside Docker containers. The video will demonstrate: An Intro to RabbitMQ and its web interface. Some fallback mechanisms if RabbitMQ goes down…

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