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  1. RabbitMQ, FTP Microservice and Docker

    I decided to make a quick video on a microservice written in Scala and Akka working with a RabbitMQ message broker and a Pure FTPD service both running inside Docker containers. The video will demonstrate: An Intro to RabbitMQ and its web interface. Some fallback mechanisms if RabbitMQ goes down…

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  2. Akka Cluster and Remote Lookup

    In my adventures for learning more about Akka and building up a cluster, I wanted to build some kind of architecture where I had a notion of a Master Actor that would get some work and pass it onto a bunch of Worker nodes. This meant that I also wanted…

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  3. Running a Remote Creator Actor with Akka and Scala

    Today I wanted to take a look at having remote actors on a different JVM and how we can push work onto another machine or another system altogether. I think this is advantageous for many reasons including: Being able to scale out Extending functionality of current systems Dealing with concurrency…

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